Monday, 7 January 2013

ShoeGATE? No. MortgageGATE? Hell no, or.

On or around mid October 2012 Greta Christina announced to the blogosphere that she was struck with a terrible illness, or more to the point, cancer. 
This is terrible news and most would sympathize with any person who has had to endure not only being notified of such terrible news, but also the treatment and post-op recovery.
Fortunately for Greta, her biopsy results indicated she had Class 1 endometrial cancer, which was discovered early, and treatment was far simpler than advanced stages of this type of cancer.

Greta's surgery was scheduled for Wednesday October 24th 2012.

Greta made a heartfelt plea to her online community for support and assistance by way of monetary donations for the purpose of and i quote: "If I could not worry about money for the weeks while I’m recovering, it would take a big, big load off my mind."

Greta has since returned to the (paid) speaking circuit on December 21st, 2012 and continued with her career which also included a speaking engagement on January 13th, 2013.

There seems to be a controversial topic being discussed on the interwebz about the purchase of a high end labelled pair of shoes allegedly bought with
"If I could not worry about money for the weeks while I’m recovering, it would take a big, big load off my mind." donations. 

On January 6th 2013, Greta responded with this:
" A few months ago (2.5 months ago. October 18th 2012 may be more accurate), when I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, I did a fundraiser on this blog to cover my expenses while I was recovering from the surgery. (Since I’m now a full-time freelancer, the months that I couldn’t work meant months with significantly reduced income, and since I don’t have a day job, I don’t have disability insurance.) The fundraiser exceeded my wildest expectations: after about a day, I had raised enough money to cover my expenses for several months and then some,"

Greta mentioned on many instances that she was unable to continue her career for months, or several months. Several, by definition means "more than two"

Greta further added:

"In case anyone was wondering: I spent the overwhelming majority of the donations from that fundraiser paying my mortgage several months in advance: something which relieved me of an enormous amount of stress and worry, and enabled me to focus my energy on my recovery."

Now, doing the math on surgery and recovery (ample recovery time to be able to resume work commitments) i noticed there may be an inconsistency between "time off work" and "financial commitments - mortgage payments etc which were assisted by the generous charitable community"

It may just be lazy writing by Greta, but it does appear that her expenses which have been covered for a significant amount of time seems to overlap with Greta's ability to re-enter the work force. 
The question i would be asking, sincerely i might add is "Did you cop a freebie for your mortgage? And if so, does that then allow you to spend "conference dollars" on new shoes?

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